Pin This: The Point of Pinterest gained the most unique users faster than any other stand-alone site in the history of social media. In the last year, it’s had a dominant presence comparable to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Eighty percent of the site is populated by women, with almost half of that amount ranging from 23 to 44 years old. It is commonly used bythis demographic for finding and sharing DYI ideas, fashion, and wedding themes.

Most businesses have a social media presence, but have reservations toward the newer fads because they can take a lot of dedication, time, and resources, so it’s no surprise that most companies are refraining from creating Pinterest accounts, especially since most of the content appears to be pink, fluffy, or Tiffany engagement rings.

However, the virtual pinboard should not be overlooked for marketing use by businesses. It can be a great tool to display products, increase consumer engagement, host marketing campaigns, and build brand identity.

Here are five ways big brands are pinning, proving there is a point of Pinterest, after all:

1.) Southwest Airlines
It might seem like airplanes and pinning are a flighty pair, but Southwest Airlines offers useful advice with their “Tips for Travel” board, showing they care about providing an overall positive experience for their frequent flyers, going back to the idea of customer satisfaction.

2.) Whole Foods
It might be obvious that a food-focused company would pin, well, food, but Whole Foods Market offers healthy recipes to their followers while promoting their premium products, so both parties get the good end of the carrot stick.

3.) West Elm
Visually-based industries, such as art or design, benefit the most from this platform. While providing decoration ideas, West Elm furniture store is able to use product placement effortlessly to show followers where and how they can use the company decor in their own home.

4.) Mashable
Despite Mashable being one of the biggest independent news communities, they create visual representations of their information, displaying
infographics, tech-savvy products, and other interests for the “Connected Generation.”

5.) American Heart Association
Many organizations are using Pinterest as a way to promote campaigns or advocate their beliefs. The American Heart Association is one unexpected pinner, offering heart-healthy tips, how people can make a difference, and “heartfelt stories,” adding a personal, story-telling strategy engage followers and increase awareness.

This is just a glimpse of how businesses can use Pinterest, but with strategy and creativity, brands are proving it can be worth it to jump on board…that is the pin.

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