Our Process

Here is WHAT WE DO:

* Integrated Marketing Plans (on and offline)
* Social Media Marketing Strategies and Execution
* Content Creation – exceptional content for all media
* Social Media Training – policy development and roll-out
* Mobile Marketing – SMS, mobile websites
* Website – development and design
* Marketing Collateral – brochures, rack cards, etc.
* Creative Copywriting
* PR Campaigns
* Event Coordination/Conference Production

…and here is HOW WE DO IT:

 We take time to learn and become familiar with your business. We plan a discovery session where we learn about your business, and you learn about us and our process. We establish communication tools, accountability, and the reporting structure. We put goals and benchmarks in place and then get rolling!


 We do our research and plan the work. We provide a full comprehensive strategy and ensure understanding across the board. We complete all necessary components including a competitive scan, a full industry analysis, and we identify the audiences, messages, channels and profitability to prioritize the strategies.

After the plan is approved and understood, we do the work we planned and we do it well. We work hard to meet the benchmarks and achieve the results we anticipated.


We track results, analyze results, and adjust when needed. We look at numbers, spreadsheets, programs, and sentiment – then tell you what it all means.


We train you and your team on any aspect of marketing relevant to our plan. We provide the tools needed to successfully execute and analyze.


…and most importantly, we produce results.